We are what we eat. Garbage in; garbage out. If you put low-grade fuel in a high-performance machine and it'll run like a low-grade machine, if at all. The bottom line is that our bodies operate on the fuel we provide them. If we provide better fuel, our body will run better.

Let's eat better.

Macadamia Nut Butter

Without a doubt, macadamia nuts are my favorite nut. Maybe even my favorite snack food. And we go through a lot of Almond butter, so it seemed like a natural next step to try and make a butter from Macadamia nuts.

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Avocado Shrimp for One

This is actually a dish I came up with on my own! It's super-simple and relatively light, so you can probably double the recipe and not stuff yourself. This recipe is "for one" because Tammy doesn't like shrimp. Yet.

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Making Food Prep Easy (or Easier, anyway)

 One of the challenges of giving up pre-packaged foods is the effort it takes to make everything. The harder a change is to make, the less likely you are to do it. So we wanted to share some of the things we do to make food prep easy (and therefore possible!).

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Slow Roasting Almonds

I was recently reading about how roasting nuts at high temperatures can create acrylamide, a potential carcinogen in humans. I don't think the threat is massively serious at this time, but cooking anything at high temps definitely alters it from its original, native state. So, cooking at lower temperatures probably produces a healthier, more nutritious end product. And in most cases, eating seeds, nuts and veggies raw is probably ideal for health and nutrition standpoint, but not always for taste.

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Mashed Cauliflower

As we try and eat better, we are always looking for meals that are healthy, but also quick and relatively easy. Nothing beats instant mashed potatoes for easy, but that is a great example of an over-processed food.

We don't have anything against potatoes specifically, but it isn't a vegetable per se and we all need to eat more veggies. So cauliflower turns out to make a great mash.

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Cashew Sour Cream

If you're trying to avoid dairy products, sour cream can be tough to give up. I won't claim that this sour cream is indistinguishable from real sour cream, it does add a similar taste and it's super easy to make.

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