Slow-roasted Almonds are a tasty snack, but add a little spice and they are that much better. Making your own means you can be sure they are slow-roasted (healthier!) and you control what goes into the recipe.

The recipe and instructions are below, but you can also watch Terry and Jackson make Slow-Roasted Spicy Almonds in the video below. With just three ingredients, this is pretty simple.


  • 1-2 Cups raw, unsalted almonds (organic preferred)
  • Refined organic coconut oil
  • Chipotle or Cayenne chili powder

If you don't get "refined" coconut oil, your almonds might have a distinct coconut flavor!


  • Slow roast the almonds (this is the healthiest way to prepare them)
    • 1-2 cups of almonds will take approximately 60-65 minutes at 260º F to roast
    • If your oven doesn't adjust to a number like 260, get it as close as you can.
  • Let the almonds cool a bit and then put them into a mixing bowl
  • Start with a small amount of coconut oil and stir it into the almonds until they are well coated
    • This works best when the almonds are still oven-warm; otherwise you may need to melt the oil
  • Dust the oil-coated almonds with the chili powder of your choice and mix well
    • Add as much as you want to get the heat you prefer
  • Let the almonds cool to room temperature so that the coconut oil thickens and bonds the powder to the almonds
  • Store in a different bowl, covered

This is a healthy snack. There is no added sugar or salt and only a little added oil. Slow roasting avoids creating unhealthy compounds yet brings out a good flavor (smells good, too!).

Ingestion Suggestions

Eat 'em! One at time or a handful, it is your call!