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Macadamia Nut Butter

Jul 4, 2017 | Eat | 0 comments

Without a doubt, macadamia nuts are my favorite nut. Maybe even my favorite snack food. And we go through a lot of Almond butter, so it seemed like a natural next step to try and make a butter from Macadamia nuts.

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I only roasted a few nuts, so they were pretty spread out.

I used my Slow Roasted Almonds method to roast the raw, unsalted Macadamia nuts. I did a very small batch, so I only roasted them for about 40 minutes. That may not have been enough as they weren’t too dark, but it was sufficient, I think.

Because I had so few nuts, they fit inside our Ninja’s single-serving cup. I added about a Tablespoon of refined Coconut Oil to help things blend and started pulsing the nuts.

It took some patience to get the nuts ground into a butter (which is typical), but eventually it got there.

Unlike Almond butter, however, the result was very runny. I may have added a touch too much coconut oil, but I doubt that is the truly the cause of the consistency. Even after being in the refrigerator overnight, I could barely get it from the container using a butter knife. I’d recommend using a spoon.

Eat it on or with:

  • Toast:  Because it is runny, you can’t slather on a thick layer like you would with Almond or Peanut butter. So there isn’t much nut butter to overcome the taste of the bread. It’s just okay.
  • Celery:  Your fingers may get messy because it’s runny! And I’d recommend a light salting of the celery before spooning on the nut butter (don’t try to use a knife) to improve the flavor of this combination.
  • On a Waffle!  We’ve recently started eating waffles (pre-packaged, but super healthy, organic, etc.) with Almond butter and a bit of pure Maple syrup instead of butter and a lot of syrup. Substituting Mac-butter seems like a no-brainer (but I haven’t tried it yet).
  • Plain:  Honestly, this is about the best way to eat Macadamia nut butter. Just get a big spoonful and savor the flavor!

I wasn’t sure how much we would use this nut butter, but finished it rather quickly. Still, I think we’ll mostly stick with Almond butter going forward. Macadamia nuts are such a great snack (raw or roasted and salted), though, so we will continue to keep them on hand.


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