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A Big Walk at Eastfork Lake

Jun 3, 2017 | Life | 0 comments

I had a tough week in terms of moving: Far too much time sitting at the computer. Since my wife had a trip coming up Friday and Saturday, I thought a nice long hike with my son, Jackson, would be cool. And the weather looked pretty good, too.

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Turkey Point Lighthouse

Turkey Point Lighthouse

We drove to the Turkey Point Trailhead and rode our bikes to the Turkey Point Lighthouse. It’s short enough to be an easy walk, if you prefer.

We settled on the trails around East Fork Lake, just East of Cincinnati. We met around 10:30 to decide our final route. We considered and then rejected Backpack Trail, a 14-mile loop. We thought it might be a little long and it is the more heavily-traveled trail and it’s shared with Mountain Bikes. Instead, we decided on a one-way hike on part of Perimeter Trail, a 32-mile loop around the lake. We dropped his truck at our destination (guessing at the trail distance), ate half a sandwich and took my car back to where we would start.

It was a pretty uneventful walk. The trail has very few challenging inclines, not that it doesn’t rise and fall quite a bit. The trail is well marked, but very overgrown in places. There was one point so overgrown (where power lines run through and the sunshine feeds the plants!) we could barely get through. If I did it again, I would wear pants to avoid the long grass and itchy legs.

We estimated that we had bitten off about an eight mile walk, with the option to do an additional out-and-back from Jackson’s truck if we wanted to. We ended up covering about 9.5 miles according to my Fitbit Blaze (right at 22,000 steps) and we did it in a shade under four hours. That’s a fair amount of time to get talking with my teenage son, which is always a treat but grows ever more dear as he nears college.

Next up, our Chicago-Maryland-Ohio trip!


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